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Project Brief

E waste is one of most pressing environmental issues. Smart phones, laptops are two of the major contributors to the E waste due to their short life cycle. In 2010, 150 millions smart phones and more than 50 millions laptops were discarded. We need to find a way to stop its harmful impact on environment. Système is a concept to design personal electronic device in sustainable way.

Concept development

People of different age and from various professions were interviewed. Overall response of them was; they use smart phones for almost every task except when they do high performance tasks like gaming and CAD etc and when they need bigger surface for better interaction which was just small percentage of crowd. Todays smartphones are powerful to perform most of the tasks that a computer can perform. Cloud computing is relieving the load on on chip processors.

All these personal devices; laptop, smartphone, smartwatch etc are virtually connected. That means they communicate with each other and with cloud computing ad storage they also share stored data/memory. What if we could make their hardware components also part of communicating system rather than being separate entities for separate devices.

Système is one device that could replace need of carrying three different devices. Some of its components are accessible to user for easy replacement. They can personalize their device by choosing which components they want and upgrade them according to their need. It in a way represents the person using it.


Essential phone, fairphone, Google ARA, LG G5, Moto Zplay, puzzlephone are newer genration smartphones with modular parts. Fairphone has its components easily accessible through its back panel and replaced with just mere screws. Moto Z has its back panel attachment used as modules to enhance its features like more battery, better camera, powerful speakers etc. Although google ARA is canceled in 2017 it had powerful design as its components were accessible to basic level and replaced with just slide click. Microsoft surface book is Laptop and tablet when detached from keyboard. Smasung s8 experience is just like using a computer when attached to screen with dock.

Form Development