Hanging cubes

Project Brief 

Use pieces crafted from molten glass in hot shop and from glass rods in flame shop together to design a product/art form.


Design Concept

I was fascinated by the fact that when one end is heated in the flame, other end of glass rod lights up to orange. This made me think of using light and glass together for my piece. I love working with geometric shapes. I sketched out concepts of chandelier inspired with basic shapes; spheres, circles, cubes, squares, triangles, cones, lines…

Making glass spheres and cube mesh

I have used layers of laser cut acrylic with small hole (as the diameter of optical fiber) in the center, to glue optical fiber to flat tip of solid spherical glass piece using epoxy. Layered acrylic gave fiber more surface to hold on to in the center. They are all transparent which gives visual transparency continuity from optical fiber to the solid glass sphere.
Cube mesh networking is made in the flame shop through which solid glass with fiber is inserted later during assembly.


Light control

Initial design was to have optical fiber strings attached to spheres illuminate the small spheres  when a strong light source is placed focused right at the tip of the other ends but it did not work the way I expected as spheres did not li up well. Secondly, when I hung them off of a thin rectangular wood board, they were more swingy than I expected them to be; bumping in to each other. Cubes were delicate to withstand this force.
I redesigned the concept to a table decorative lamp where light source placed in the upper box illuminates cubes and spheres underneath directly.

Instead of controlling LED strip colors with remote, I wanted to enhance its physical interaction . Hence, I programmed a circuit where colors of LED strips are controlled with joystick movement. All these components are fixed inside the top box.

 Wood-glass frame

To make this a standalone lamp I needed a structure which will hold the electronic components as well as support the hanging cubes. Upper box has big holes cut through, to make light reflect on the cubes underneath

Final product