ERDL Website Redesign

This was a team project where I worked along with Interior Design Principal of ERDL. As a UX Designer, I obtained client requirements,  performed user interviews, created user persona, ideation, created wireframes, reviewed with Design Principal of ERDL, tested with users, revised and finalized the layout.


Redesign components of the website to highlight company’s brand and projects.


User Persona

Persona was created based on observing 3 people (2 designers, 1 engineer) using the website and interviewing them about their experience.


Name: Patricia Bagzai
Age: 33

Patricia is an interior designer and a project manager working in a firm specializing in commercial interior design.


  • What ERDL company does and understand ERDL’s field of expertise
  • Go through ERDL’s projects to understand the built product spectrum of the company.

Pain Points

  • It’s difficult to figure out different furniture pieces and their details when entered into a project page
  • It takes longer to find specific industry projects
  • Home page has information about the company and its services but would like to know more about the facilities
Redesigned elements