This individual project was completed as a part of General Assembly’s UX  Design course. The process started with writing a problem using ‘How might we…’ .


Problem Statement

I suspect that young working people with a busy schedule who want to put home cooking into practice, struggle to do that because it’s a mental and physical burden to manage cooking and buying groceries, or they don’t know how to cook.


Participants for interview were finalized after asking screening questions

  • Do you prefer preparing meals at home? 
  • Do you find it challenging to time-manage home cooking and buying groceries with your work schedule?
  • Do you care about balanced and nutritious diet?
  • How many times did you cook last week and how many meals do you wish to prepare at home? 
  • How many people do you cook for?

6-people were interviewed; 2- American citizens, 4- Working and living in united states but born and brought up in other countries.

  • Common struggle – “Thinking of what meal to cook especially when I am hungry is annoying, and then when it’s decided, sometimes I don’t have all the ingredients available.”
  • People with a different ethnic background always shop groceries from multiple stores which consumes time, especially when stores are not nearby.
  • Prefer 20-40 min cooking time. However, day-to-day meal recipes for their staple diet can consume more time. Pre cut vegetables, having things ready to put together to cook would help.


Some quotes from participants,

“I love cooking and like to go with its flow. Love the process.” 
“When there is food is on the plate that I made, it makes me happy.”

Updated Problem Statement based on interview finds

Home cooked meals are healthy and economical. However, people with a busy schedule who want to put home cooking into practice, struggle to follow it, because they feel exhausted by the amount of mental energy and efforts they need to put into thinking about what meals to cook that require 20-40 mins time, prep for the meal, grocery shop from all the different stores to buy all the ingredients for meals.




Creating an app that in which user can pre-plan their meals for week/s and shop for groceries according to their plan.


Primary User Flow



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Lo-Fi testing