Project brief

Design a furniture for your house which is simple, economical, easy to manufacture. It should not be another couch/chair/shelf/table design but something new and different.


Start exploration with 3D shapes directly, not with sketches. Be creative and think out of the box!


My focus was to design a product which will enhance the environment in the living room with its playful character which both adults and can have fun with.

Ideation and 3D sketches


Process images

Final Concept


This adds fun dynamic element to the living room. Something that is playful. Weight is added in center of the arc helps to keep the center of gravity displacement minimal. Two people will have fun rocking on this.


This will be loved by those are fidgety. Sit on it, stand on it and rock sideways. Upward curve end are useful as handles when you are sitting on it on the ground. I personally used that as my fidget rocker for my legs for entire last year of college whenever I sat on the chair for work. Well! that helps me think faster!